• Made from eelgrass - a natural, non-toxic and CO₂-binding material - Søuld’s acoustic products enhance the sensory experience of interior wall and ceiling cladding whilst providing exceptional acoustic performance, health and well-being benefits.

  • Acoustic

    Søuld's acoustic products deliver an exceptional sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies. By heavily dampening noise, our products help create a restful and productive atmospheres contributing to human health and well-being.

  • Aesthetic

    With their simple, modern aesthetics, Søuld’s Acoustic Products are proportioned for easy interior application and are fully customizable to suit residential or commercial spaces of all natures and scales. Their superior quality provides lasting comfort.

  • Comfortable

    The products are approved for safety indoors with high fire resistance, zero harmful chemicals or additives and extremely low emissions. Ultimately creating healthy interior atmospheres that support mental and physical well-being.

  • Responsible

    Søuld’s products are responsibly produced in Denmark and designed to be be fully circular with the lowest environmental impact possible.